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Kiosks are a form of public message board. Every member of Circa Nova owns a kiosk and there is additional a site owned kiosk. Like true physical kiosks, any member may post images, photography, text and comments to a kiosk. Additionally, advertisements from and ad queue are posted to kiosks. Members may block or remove content from their personal kiosks, but may only remove content which they post to the site owned kiosk. Content should be related to art, crafts, artist techniques, history, critiques and other relevant art community topics. Art events and local physical galleries are good content for kiosks. Kiosks are a form of persisted communciation, but it is expected that kiosk content may change frequently and is not as temporally enduring as are blogs and galleries.

Public Kiosks

Kiosks are always public. They cannot be privatized.


Members may add multiple images to kiosks. Images may be jpeg, gif and png format files. They will be resized when uploaded to fit a square container which will hold a postion on the kiosk. Captions may be applied, along with an image specific detail comment. Kiosk owners can remove images posted to their kiosks, even if those images originate from other members.


All members may post text to kiosks. Text is a primary content form and may be replied to by one or more comments. For site security, text may not contain URLs or e-mail addresses. Kiosk owners can remove text posted to their kiosks, even if that text originated from other members.


Members may comment as a reply to any text or image. A comment is secondary kiosk content and is used to reply to text or comment on kiosk images. Comments are currently limited to text only and for site security, may not contain URLs or e-mail addresses. Kiosk owners can remove comments posted to their kiosks, even if those comments originate from other members.

Interactive Communication

Kiosks are an online form of interactive communication which allows members of the site to exchange througts, ideas, concepts, opinions and other information freely in a persisted form which is always public and changes content frequently. Kiosks may have an indefinite life-time however, and may receive images, text and comments rapidly or over a period of weeks, months or even years.

Social Network Portal

The Circa Nova web application is a social networking portal. The kiosk feature of the site allows social interaction between members, allowing them to share information and in the process, learn and evolve their own world views regarding the topics discussed.

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