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Circa Nova welcomes advertisers and has designed the site to accomodate banner advertisements with or without fly-out popups. The site is provided as a service to the general populace, individuals and organizations. Advertisements that support the needs and interests of site members would be ideal, but advertisers may be more general in the nature of their products and services.

Why Advertise on Circa Nova? The reason is obvious. A large audience for specific niche products and services, as well as other more general consumer products and services, exists for members of the site.

Circa Nova is an ethical site, having family and community values at the core of its intent. There are a number of products and services which Circa Nova is obliged to decline advertisements for. Pornography and the sale of so-called legalized marijuana, for example, are not acceptable products and services for advertisementing on this site.

Advertisements which may be characterized as spam, or as targeting members for illegitemate deceptions or to swindle members or otherwise cause harm, is strictly forbidden. Prospective advertisers are subject to review before any advertisents are accepted for posting on this site.



Advertising on Circa Nova is encouraged and helps to defray the costs of maintaing this site for the benefit of all of its members.

Do List:

  • Do Apply to advertise on this site
  • Do Submit Vertical and/or Horizontal Banner Ads
  • Do Submit Ads with fly-out popups
  • Do Schedule appropriate time intervals in advance
  • Do Accept Circa Nova's rules and restrictions
  • Do Honor the Family and Community nature of this site
  • Do Offer Quality Products and Services
  • Do Adhere to Circa Nova's Terms & Conditions
  • Do Adhere to Circa Nova's Privacy Statement



Please honor our members by restricting the behavior of advertisements to be amenable with the good conduct of this site.

Don't List:

  • Don't Submit bad taste advertisements
  • Don't Submit spam or swindle ads
  • Don't Use Blogs to Advertise
  • Don't Use Galleries to Advertise
  • Don't Submit banners which have poor load times
  • Don't Submit banners with flyouts on mouseover
  • Don't Submit advertisements with immediate audio
  • Don't Submit advertisements with immediate video
  • Don't Violate Circa Nova's Terms & Conditions
  • Don't Violate Circa Nova's Privacy Statement
  • Don't collect cookies on site traffic

Fly-out popups are acceptable if they are concisely sized, no larger than 300px height, 400px width, and do not fly-out on mouseover. Circa Nova requests that all fly-outs be activated only by an intentional click by members to learn more from the banner advertisement. Similarly, audio and video components should be initiated only upon a click on some portion of the banner and should not loop, but play through, one time only. Reclicks by members to repeat the activity are allowable. Linking out to the advertiser's own web-site will be evaluated to ensure that this does not upen up a vulnerability to Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) or other malware attacks.

At this time, Blogs and Galleries are not to be used for advertising. Circa Nova is researching the potential for inline banners in these areas, for a fee, provided that this can be done in a way which is not disturbing or exacerbating to site users. Blogs and Galleries are moderated and improper use of these features to attempt free advertising is considered spam and will be blocked. Blocking of blog posts and galleries or images is a site feature and further, members who engage in such spamming may be revoked and blocked. Refer to Terms & Conditions.



Kiosk emulates a message board. The materials which appear in a member's kiosk are mixed. These may be text posts, image posts or posts from service providers, product manufacturers or advertisers.

Visitors to a member's kiosk can comment on member posts and are simultaneously exposed to all other posts. The user controls their kiosk and may allow or disallow posts, depending upon how they configure the kiosk. Available feeds may similarly be evaluated by the kiosk owner and be authorized for visibility on the kiosk.

Commercial providers of advertisements which are intended for availability on kiosks are pooled and provided to kiosk owners. The owner accepts or declines keeping advertisements on their kiosk. Kiosk advertising is therefore, not permanently guaranteed, at least not for all members of the site. Advertising posts must be of a such a nature that site members will be motivated to allow them on their kiosks.

A general public kiosk is available to guarantee visibility for all advertisements. Ads on the public Kiosk cannot be removed or blocked by members and endure there for the term they have been applied for. Kiosk ads are submitted to all member Kiosks and the public Kiosk.



Advertising Plans are simple with fees based upon the time interval and page and location for the advertisement. A minimum one month interval guarantees time for the ad visibility. A maximum of one year interval guarantees cycling of advertising clients.


  • One Month
  • Three Month
  • Six Month
  • Twelve Month


  • Landing Page Header
  • Landing Page Trailer
  • Assembly/Blog/Gallery Page Header
  • Assembly/Blog/Gallery Page Trailer
  • Assembly/Blog/Gallery Page Sidebar
  • Other Page Header
  • Other Page Trailer
  • Other Page Sidebar
  • Kiosk

Of course, Page Header/Trailer Banners shall be horizontal and Sidebar Banners shall be vertical. Header Banners must be no more than 80px in height and may stretch the width of the page content, 980px. Trailer Banners must be no more than 135px and may stretch the width of the page content, 980px. Sidebar Banners must be no more than the width and height of sidebars, variable, but typically, 225px wide.

Fees are currently negotiable.
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